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We are happy to announce that QuickOPC 5.30 has been released today. Our customers will certainly appreciate that QuickOPC 5.30 is officially certified by OPC Foundation for OPC-UA compliance - no other OPC-UA client toolkit or SDK has been awarded this certification so far.

In addition, QuickOPC 5.30 now natively supports .NET Framework 4.5.

Today, the OPC Foundation Certification Testing Laboratory has awarded the OPC Certification to QuickOPC. The certified version is 5.30, and we will be releasing it in matter of days. The certification demonstrates OPC excellence in compliance, interoperability and robustness.

This new version brings the earlier separate products, QuickOPC.NET, QuickOPC-COM and QuickOPC-UA, in a single installation package. The product editions has been simplified: Now the editions are not distinguished by the platforms or OPC specifications they support. Instead, the price list has been greatly reduced by a unification into a QuickOPC product, with just two editions: Standard and Ultimate. The editions differ mainly in availability of advances features, such Live Mapping, or a support of reactive programming model.

Version 5.21 also brings OPC-UA features in QuickOPC to the same functionality level as OPC "Classic". Features like OPC browsing dialogs, Live Mapping and Live Binding (visual binding to Windows Forms controls) are now all available for OPC Unified Architecture (OPC-UA) connections as well.

Today, the OPC Foundation Certification Testing Laboratory has awarded a renewed OPC Certification to QuickOPC. The certification has been made with QuickOPC version 2017.1, and the product has been certified by the means of its Connectivity Explorer tool. The certification demonstrates continuing OPC excellence in compliance, interoperability and robustness.

QuickOPC 5.22 bring many improvements in the OPC Unified Architecture. It is built on OPC Foundation .NET Stack version 1.02. We have added many "checks" required by OPC compliance tests, and added various parameters for fine-tuning your application. Also improved is the debugging experience, and writing OPC-UA value is now easier, without the necessity to specify the value type.

In addition, QuickOPC 5.22 contains several improvements in other areas, such as the supprot for QuerySourceConditions in OPC Alarms&Events.

We have released a new version of QuickOPC today, together with StreamInsight Option for QuickOPC.


This version brings new development models, Live Mapping, visual Live Binding, and Reactive Extensions for OPC (Rx-OPC), together with new OPC browsing dialogs, and many other enhancements.

OPC Labs Sponsor OPC Day 2013 in Netherlands.

This year we have tested the upcoming version 5.21 of QuickOPC-UA product (for OPC Unified Architecture). We were excited by the results - the interoperability of this newest product will be excellent.

QuickOPC will be used as part of research project in Near Field Communication (NFC), undertaken by Ramakrishnan Ramanathan from University of Applied Sciences in Lemgo, Germany. The project explores how the NFC technologies can be used in production systems. QuickOPC is used in a Web service developed in PHP.


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