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Software Toolbox, our U.S. reseller, has created multiple videos about QuickOPC (in the videos. QuickOPC is referred to as "OPC Data Client" or "OPCData.NET").

General OPC-related videos:

QuickOPC product videos:

  • Webinar: OPC Data Client 5.30 Release and Back To Basics.This webinar will provide information on the 5.30 release of the OPC Data Client: - Introduction to OPC Data Client - What’s new in version 5.30 - OPC UA Certification - .NET Framework updates - Other Features of the OPC Data Client - OPC Specifications Overview - Live Demo - Discussion, Questions & Answers.
  • Webcast: Flexible OPC Client Development in VS.NET, VB6, and More. Learn how to create custom applications that communicate with both OPC DA and OPC UA data sources. We will focus on the OPC Data Client components: OPCData.NET and OPCData-COM. OPCData.NET is a 100% managed .NET tool, with native support for both 32 and 64 bit operating systems, primarily targeted for development in Visual Studio 2012 and 2013. The component can be used in a variety of languages from C#, Visual Basic.NET, and managed C++. Windows Forms, ASP.NET pages, console applications, and WPF applications are all supported. The OPCData-COM is an ActiveX control with the same API as the Data.NET, but can be used in any ActiveX container.
  • Webinar: Codeless Development and More with OPC Data.NET 5.20. This webinar will focus on the new features added to the OPC Data.NET product in version release 5.20 including: new and improved WinForm dialog components, live data binding for codeless development, live data mapping for advanced object management.

Live Binding videos:

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