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Browsing all variables in a Device

07 Nov 2019 11:26 #7934 by mosrya11
Been using this for a while with KepwareEX6, and all working great.
Just trying to get some data from the server under one particular device.

I'd just like to see all variables inside of "Channel1.Device1". Is there a quick way to do this?

Ived tried pasting the starting node id from Connectivity Explorer (nsu=KEPServerEX ;ns=2;s=Channel1.Device2)...
But browse Nodes/Objects/Variables is returning a 0 length list.

I'm sure its something simple I'm missing..

I'm using: nodeElementCollection = client.BrowseDataVariables(endpointDescriptor, "nsu=KEPServerEX; s=Channel1.Device2");
Any ideas?


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