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Questions on License Term

27 Oct 2012 15:13 #1066 by support
Thank you for interest in our products.

Note that our components do not support OPC Historical Data Access currently.

Ad 1. The license types are explained here: . For what you describe, choose between "Single Developer + Runtime Free License", or "ISV/OEM License".

Ad 2. Current version is 5.12. When you purchase a license currently, it is labeled "5.1", meaning that it covers all versions numbered 5.1x, such as 5.10, 5.11, 5.12, and if we release them, also the future 5.13 etc., without a need for a new license or additional payment. If we add major features, we will switch the numbering to "5.2x", and in such case your "5.1" license will not work. There are 3 options in this case:

a) If this happens during 60 days of your purchase, we provide everybody who has bought in past 60 days with a new license, for free.
b) If you choose the option "1 Year Maintenance", you get licenses for new versions for free for 1 full year (can be prolonged).
c) You can purchase version upgrade - from any version to newest version it is 50% of the price of the new license.

Ad 3. We provide support to all customers using our Online Forums: . Customer who has bought the "Maintenance" get guaranteed support, using the same channel.

Best regards,
Zbynek Zahradnik, OPC Labs

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Subject: Questions on License Term


I am in the process of deciding on what 3rd party API to use to connect to the OPC servers. I like your product but I have some questions about using them on the servers in case I intend to use them for commercial purposes to collect the data off OPC - DA, OPC - AE and OPC - Historian servers.

1. In case I deploy these libraries on the servers for collecting the data off them, can I use the same license on the different servers or do I have to make separate license purchases for each server (for now there will be just one developer - that's me, who will be developing the application).
2. In case there is another version that comes out for this API, will I get a free update or will I have to purchase the new version or will there be some incremental fee that I'd have to pay to get the newer version.
3. What support infrastructure do you offer with the product.

Please let me know.


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