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QuickOPC-COM 5.00 released to production

This is a brand new versions for customers who use COM automation development tools. We have back-ported the improvements made while developing QuickOPC.NET 5.00 into the COM product, so that the associated customer base can benefit from them too.

Partner News: PiiGAB Newsletter with QuickOPC.NET 5.00 Announcement

topp-boxPiiGAB Newsletter with QuickOPC.NET 5.00 Announcement - Wednesday, March 10, 2010
We are now introducing Quick OPC v. 5, which can be downloaded from our website. The new version is an update of our popular OPC client v. 3.03. In version 5 all components are in .NET solution and they are designed in accordance with Microsoft recommendations for component development and Code Analysis (FxCop). QuickOPC v.5 supports Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008.

OPC Interop 2008 further enhances robustness of QuickOPC

We have used OPC Interoperability Workshop in Nuremberg to further strengthen the robustness and reliability of QuickOPC (COM), and upcoming QuickOPC.NET product which is under development and will be released in 2009. Simply put, our client code can connect to any OPC Server we know about!

Technical Support Forums are now online

We will now use the forums as the main venue for technical support. Also, the web site has been improved in many aspects, and the information made up-to-date.

OPC Labs presented on SPS/IPC/DRIVES in Nuremberg

SPS08 GBquer 10percentOn this great exhibition, we have a stand in OPC Foundation booth. OPC Labs products and services will be actively presented all day long. Come and visit us between November 25-27 to learn latest news on our products. You will get a chance to have a sneak preview of the new QuickOPC.NET, too.
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QuickOPC.NET 5.00 released to production

Version 5 is a brand new version with interfaces that are tailored to .NET, abandoning the COM automation heritage in the API.

OPC Labs attended European OPC Interoperability Workshop 2007 in Nuremberg

QuickOPC was successfully tested with numerous 3-rd party OPC servers, and receives the "Self-certified" logo.

OPC Labs attended European OPC Interoperability Workshop 2009 in Nuremberg

This year we have added QuickOPC.NET to the interop portfolio, and have successfully tested it with numerous 3-rd party OPC servers. QuickOPC.NET received the "Self-certified" logo.

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